Spider Man: Far From Home’s most exceedingly awful stayed quiet was the terrible idea of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Quentin Beck, otherwise known as Mysterio.


At the point when Peter Parker meets Beck just because he, similar to every other person, is tricked by Beck’s appeal and clear sincerity. He discloses to them he originated from another Earth, which is presently gone – pulverized by the Elementals alongside his family.


Be that as it may, in all actuality, Mysterio is a disappointed previous Stark representative who uses fantasies to outline himself as the legend. Inevitably, obviously, Spider-Man understands this and stands up to Beck in London.


The battle comes full circle in Beck’s demise on account of one of his automatons during an endeavor to murder Peter.


Or on the other hand isn’t that right?


Mysterio’s passing is certainly not a definite wagered, and the intimation may lie in a modest line expressed by Spider-Man himself.


As Beck lays kicking the bucket, Spider-Man snatches the Stark tech glasses and asks the AI which powers the glasses: “Is this genuine?”


In any case, that doesn’t mean Mysterio is dead.


The issue lies in Peter’s inquiry – Mysterio was truly shot, truly, yet on the off chance that anybody could counterfeit a passing it’s Mysterio.


There are numerous conceivable outcomes. The Mysterio we saw on Tower Bridge may have been a deception made by an automaton, or a robot, or maybe the genuine Quentin Beck got shot however beyond words an aftereffect of his wounds.


Considerably Spider-Man maker Amy Pascal couldn’t affirm Mysterio’s destiny. Whenever inquired as to whether he was extremely dead, all she said to ComicBook.com was: “You don’t have the foggiest idea.” We’ll accept that as a no.


All things considered, the post-credits scene uncovered Quentin Beck’s final words to be something entirely not the same as what Peter Parker himself saw in Beck’s alleged last minutes.