Quentin Tarantino has uncovered he has talked about the likelihood of making a third Kill Bill motion picture with Uma Thurman.


The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood executive helmed the consecutive motion pictures, which pursue The Bride (Thurman) as she looks for retribution on a gathering of professional killers after they endeavor to kill her.


“Me and Uma have discussed it as of late, to be honest, to reveal to you reality,” Tarantino said on the Happy Sad Confused digital recording.


“I don’t know whether I will do it, however I have pondered it somewhat further. On the off chance that any of my motion pictures were going to spring from one of my different motion pictures, it would be the third Kill Bill.”


He likewise included that the character of The Bride would someone say someone is he considers a ton, clarifying: “I’ve pondered what befalls The Bride 10 years after the fact, after 15 years – what befalls her little girl?”


The amazing news comes over a year after Thurman posted a video of a trick on the arrangement of Kill Bill that she would not like to do and which brought about a fender bender, after she was persuaded to do it by the executive.


“The conditions of this occasion were careless to the point of guiltiness,” she said at the time. “I don’t accept however with vindictive plan.”


Reacting to it, Tarantino stated: “None of us took a gander at it as a trick. Possibly we ought to have, yet we didn’t.


“I’m certain when it was raised to me that I feigned exacerbation and was disturbed. I heard her anxiety. Also, regardless of that we had set up everything in this shot, I tuned in to it.”


“The way that she trusted me, and I actually watched this little S bend spring up. Also, it turns her like a top. It was grievous. Past probably the greatest lament of my profession, it is perhaps the greatest lament of my life.”