As far back as the Disney-Fox merger, comic book fans have had one inquiry on their minds – what does it mean for Deadpool!?


At the point when Marvel declared its forthcoming slate for the following two years, a Deadpool motion picture was discernibly missing. So does that mean there’s no desire for seeing the obscene hero at long last gatecrash the MCU?


All things considered, chief David Leitch seems, by all accounts, to be similarly as in obscurity as the remainder of us. Addressing Uproxx, he uncovered he has no clue what the future arrangement for the character is.


“It’s not for my absence of endeavoring,” Leitch said. “Furthermore, I likewise need to give – I’m simply giving everyone their time.


“I realize Marvel reported their slate and I think individuals resembled, ‘Deadpool’s not on it’. I could never say never. Also, I think, clearly, he’s such a darling character and it’s such a convincing world individuals need to return.


“What’s more, I figure they will figure out how to do it. In any case, I’m simply being patient and given everyone a chance to slowly inhale and perceive how it functions for them in the new Marvel, Disney world. Also, ideally, I’ll get the call. Furthermore, that would be cool.”


Leitch additionally concurred that Deadpool would be an ideal vehicle to present the previous Fox-possessed characters into the MCU.


“You can place him in with any of those characters, or a gathering of those characters, and it simply kind of amplifies what you’re doing,” the chief said.


“It includes another layer. With the goal that’s likely one angle that they are engaging, and ideally they are engaging more thoughts too.”


Prior this month, Deadpool maker Rob Liefeld gave fans trust in a third motion picture when he tweeted: “It will absolutely occur!!! Before long!”